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VMWare Virtualization Consolidation New York Consulting

VMWare Virtualization and Consolidation

VMWare virtualization and consolidationWe specialize in planning and implementing VMWare Virtualization and Consolidation projects.   We also setup and manage Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix, and Redhat Virtualization platforms for our New York Clients. When VMware Virtualization is implemented properly, server Virtualization offers many powerful time and money saving advantages to businesses in all arenas. A Virtualization and Consolidation project starts by taking inventory of a client’s infrastructure and finding physical servers that can be consolidated down as virtual guests on smaller number of host servers.  Essentially most servers are not heavily utilized, virtualization allows you to run dozens of virtual servers on one physical server.  This allows you to use 90% of the hardware you payed for rather then 5 or 10 percent of one physical server.  This provides a prolific return on investment for our New York and Tri-State Clients.

Benefits of Virtualization & Consolidation ?

Virtualization allows you to take take multiple physical servers and run them all as virtual guests on virtual host server. Done correctly a Virtualization project can dramatically slash your business’s IT and technology budget.

  • Get the most out of your hardware
    Virtualization lets you get the most out of that server you just spent so much money on.  Modern servers are powerful; as a generalization setting up a single server and running say email and file serving, or a simple database will barely cause your server to break a sweat. Many organizations have dozens or hundreds of expensive servers that 99% of the time aren’t doing any real heavy lifting. While your IT team may love this it presents a terrible return on investment given the rate at which modern hardware becomes obsolete.  Couple this with the cost it takes to maintain a large hardware infrastructure, and you don’t need a Computer Science Degree to understand the possible savings. Virtualization and Consolidation allow you to consolidate these physical low load servers onto one (or exponentially less given the organization size) physical server, maximizing your utilization of that expensive server.  You save  money on hardware, maintenance and administration costs.
  • Administration and Maintenance
    Virtualization (especially with VMware VSphere) provides dramatic return on investment for business in the area of IT Administration and Maintenance.  The obvious benefit of having multiple servers Virtualized and Consolidated onto one machine means less physical hardware to administer. However, the less apparent benefit comes in the actual ease of maintenance.  Because the guests virtual servers are abstracted from the physical hardware (VMWare Host Server), many difficult maintenance tasks such as adding or reconfiguring storage, adding memory, and adding CPU time can be done instantly without even restarting the physical server. This provides not only a reduction in IT costs but also a marked decrease in scheduled downtime.
  • Seamless Upgrades
    Because Virtualization allows you to run multiple guests operating systems you can easily setup an entire upgrade environment and thoroughly test before deploying to your end users.
  • Backups
    VMware allows you to utilize snapshot backups. Snapshot backups allow you preserve point in time images of your entire virtual server.
  • Portability and Backup
    Virtualization allows you to treat an entire operating system like a flat file. This allows you to painlessly move whole servers with minimal downtime.

Getting your Virtualization and Consolidation Done Right

VMWare VSphere Visualized

Virtualization and Consolidation and VMware in general can appear simple at first glance. A certain degree of this can be attributed to the excellent user interface and ease of control that VMWare has built into their VSphere and ESX management and configuration tools. However, that being said many an IT team has tried to tackle a VMWare Virtualization and Consolidation project without realizing the numerous pitfalls that can lead to disastrous performance bottlenecks, infrastructure instability, and general head scratching by everyone involved. Most of these issues can be traced back to a lack of foresight and experience in planning a Virtualization and Consolidation project. Our wide range of experience dealing with trouble shooting these type of projects – from inception or coming in afterwards to clean up the problems – means that we can help you get your project done right the first time, saving your business both time and money.

If you are looking to save money on your IT budget contact us today to see if a Virtualization Consolidation project is right for you we provide expert VMWare Virtualization Consolidation New York Consulting.

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