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Time Matters Consultant Training

New Yorks Time Matters Consultant and Training Experts.  Providing Cutting Edge Legal Consulting for Your all your Time Matters Needs.

New York Time Matters Consultant Experts

NYC Software Solutions is New Yorks Premier Time Matters Consulting Firm.  While we provide consulting services for most popular practice management solutions, we offer specialized upper echelon Time Matters Consultant services as well as PC Law, and Practice Advantage Consulting to our New York, New Jersey, Tri-State, and Long Island Clients. Contact a Time Matters Consultant today to get the most out of your Time Matters Practice Management Legal Software from a New York Consulting firm that provides results.

Rightly so, Time Matters has become one of the most popular off the shelf legal software suites. In the eyes of Legal Professionals and Legal Consultants Time Matters is without a doubt the most powerful mainstream boxed software currently available for the legal field. However, a sharp learning curve and the inherent rigidity of the data typing has made Time Matters a love hate product with many Consultants and Attorneys in the Legal and IT fields. We find this is most often a result of a lack of foresight by Law Firms and the Time Matters Consultant in the assessment, design, and deployment phase of integrating a production Law Firm into a new feature rich software environment such as Time Matters. Whether you’re currently a user, or thinking of doing a complete custom setup we can help. Our Leading Time Matters Consultant s have taken this program to its very edge by providing custom, reliable solutions that your average Time Matters Consultant wouldn’t dream of.

Time Matters 16 Upgrade

· If you are thinking of making the move to TimeMatters 16or Practice Advantage 16 we can help you with your upgrade. Version 16 stands to be significantly more stable than versions 10 through 14 and improves on features that were introduced in version 15. This is due to its Microsoft SQL Foundation. This means less program crashing, less user frustration, and more production along with several useful new features.  Our SQL Consulting foundation allows us to offer premium Time Matters Consultant services to our New York, New Jersey, and Long Island Clients.

· Doing a Time Matters upgrade also presents a great opportunity to clean house and check for and repair any corrupted data.

Time Matters Performance Issues

· Is your Time Matters running at 100% ? If you are experiencing application hangs, crashes, or general program sluggishness we can help.  Contact a Time Matters Consultant  today;  If you have performance problems we have solutions.  Also see our blog post on Time Matters Performance Issues.

We Provide Time Matters Consultant For:

(Just to name a few)

Custom Time Matters Setups

Time Matters can be difficult to configure.  Setting up a sound initial work environment is crucial to the long term success of the program. Once data has been entered over any length of time, correcting these kinds of mistakes can become a nightmare. Contact a Time Matters Consultant today to get it done right, the first time by an expert Time Matters Consultant.

Time Matters Power Views

PowerViews offers you the ability to view important matter details in a list view, without actually opening the matter. They also offer the ability to piggy-back powerful inline java scripting onto the Time Matters database.  Blog Post

Powerful Time Matters Database Maintenance and Tuning

Powerful behind-the-scenes database programming. Whether you’re looking for detailed reporting or trying to accomplish tasks that you can’t tackle in Time Matters, our Microsoft SQL © consulting expertise can make all the difference. As of version 16 TimeMatters back end is exclusively Microsoft SQL © based, and offers marked increases in stability and performance. However it also adds a level of technicality that many time matters consultants and IT staff simply do not have. We manage 50 GB+ Time Matters databases that are blazing fast, ask around that’s huge (Around 5 million document records and 22 millions rows of data).

Custom Time Matters Imports

· The import function is one of the least used features in TimeMatters ©, yet it is also one of the most powerful. Why consume hours of labor when you can import and sort the information right into your database.  A knowledgeable Time Matters Consultant can save your firm thousands of hours of labor by configuring custom imports.

Cutting Edge Time Matters Mail Merges

We’re not talking about your average Mailmerge, we will reduce any production down to a mouse click regardless of the complexity or data storage avenue. The Mail merge feature in TimeMatters offers a powerful avenue to increase productivity.

Time Matters Triggers/ Chains

Work in TimeMatters to decrease time in almost any workflow pattern, by anticipating and triggering the events and work chains. These are powerful tools. If you’re not using them, you’re not getting the most out of your software.


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