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Why your Time Matters

April 10, 2011 0

For Law Firms that bill hourly the simple truth is that for many, their billable hours are poorly tracked or even not tracked at all.  6-10 firms either do not have any form of Billable Time Tracking software in place or simply guesstimate the figure. Your Time Matters and if you are not accurately keeping track of […]

Time Matters 11 and the Time Matters AMP

April 1, 2011 2

Lexis Nexis’s Adoption of an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) for Time Matters, PC Law, and Billing Matters was, and still is a touchy subject.  While some firms didn’t even notice the change, others refused to pay, and needless to say it created issues.  In this article I will outline what the AMP is, what has […]