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» The advent of remote computing has made the world a much smaller place. It is now possible for people from other sides of the world to work hands on, to simultaneously work on development, backend, and technical issues. This equates to less down time for mission critical components of your business, and higher productivity.

What is remote computing ?

» Remote computing is just what it sounds like, it allows you to remote control a computer on the other side of town or the other side of the world. This allows us to send you a pin number that will enable you to initiate a remote session. In turn, we are able to see exactly what is happening on your computer in real time. We can work hands on with IT and development staff at your office to troubleshoot and fix the toughest technical problems, quickly and with minimal interruption of your normal workflow.

» Remote computing also allows us the benefit of having more billable time and lower travel expenses.  Essentially, we offer our services at a much lower rate than if we were to perform consulting in-house, saving our clients money

» If you are experiencing issues with your software, database, or server call us at 646-573-0995.  We will contact you promptly to help resolve your toughest technical problems.

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