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Move to the Cloud

Save Money – Increase Performance

— Cloud based computing is revolutionizing how companies develop their technology infrastructure. Stop spending money on hardware that you’re going to throw out six years down the road.

— It is not uncommon for Cloud based solutions to allow average yearly savings of 50-75% on hardware and IT costs. Deferring hardware and software upgrade costs along with lowering IT overhead can provide a dramatic long term savings.

— Don’t have twenty thousand dollars to replace that 10 year old server ? Employees complaining of constant performance issues? Cloud based solutions offer you a tremendous return on initial investment, allowing you to use state-of-the-art technology and hardware at tremendous savings over purchasing the in-house alternative.

We Believe this Technology is the Future and Offer Services For:


· Software as a service is becoming a logical solution for many companies. SaaS allows you to host your entire IT environment on a remote desktop connection, allowing for significant savings on IT, networking, and licensing costs. Many service providers are also offering package deals that get you up and running faster, for less money, with less headache.


· Consolidation is just what it sounds like.  Bundle your servers, databases, and development platforms onto a cloud powerhouse and save money. This is a particularly attractive solution for companies faced with the proposition of purchasing new hardware for legacy platforms.


· We set up and manage VMware© and Hyper-V© servers, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck out of your hardware and IT infrastructure.

SQL Azure© Setup

· Azure is Microsoft’s cloud based alternative to a conventional SQL server. Azure is a very viable solution for companies with small to medium sized databases. It is a great solution for companies not looking to make the investment into a full SQL database setup.

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— See our blog post on Cloud Computing for more information.

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