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Implementing Cloud Services

Cloud Computing services New York . I had written an earlier post entitled Cloud for Business where I outlined some of the more basic considerations that business owners must take into account regarding the new exodus to cloud computing based services. In this article I am going to take this theme one step further and outline some of the actual service categories, services that are being implemented and offered to our clients.  As the major players in the technology sector continue to embrace and push the offerings available to the end user, cloud services are becoming more and more attractive to business. This is true not only from a financial stand point, but also from a stand point of convenience and productivity.

Cloud Computing Vectors

Cloud computing can generally – and this is a big generalization, however necessary for the scope of our discussion – be divided into three non-discrete arenas.

SaaS | Software as a Service

Software as a service generally involves Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email, and Applications. This is generally advantageous to the end user at it provides a “pay per use” payment model that lowers the general initial and long term costs of ownership. Because licensing becomes so simplified, the savings can be passed onto the end-user. Many of the major players are offering SaaS versions of popular business software.

One of the major success stories that can be said for the SaaS movement is Sales Force. Sales force offers Sales Lead Management, Marketing and Leads, Analytic, Workflows and much, much more. Sales force is such a powerful tool because it is extremely customizable by the end user, allowing you to easily add, track, and analyze the data that matters to your company. Sales Force offers an affordable, flexible product and as such I have seen multiple success stories with customers whom I have helped implement it for.

PaaS | Platform as a Service

Platform as a service is an intermediary requirement that has emerged to meet the needs of Cloud Computing development and delivery. This is slightly beyond the scope of this article, however it is important to note that PaaS is emerging as a powerful tool to take business applications from design to production in remarkably short time frames. Services such as Microsoft Azure, and (A Division of Sales Force) allow you to build on demand applications and deploy them to end users with a mouse click.

IaaS | Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service can be thought of as the most basic, foundational, and easily understandable offering of the Cloud Computing Arena. Essentially you are transferring – or setting up – your IT Infrastructure (Servers, OS, etc ) to a provider. It is beneficial to small and large businesses alike as it significantly reduces the financial investment that must be made into establishing, or maintaining, a state of the art IT solution. It also reduces the cost of the unexpected. If you provision your budget to purchase a server to handle 1,000 imaginary transactions a day and then find three months later that you actually need to handle 1,000,000 imaginary transactions a day, you have a problem. Not only have you invested in a server that does not meet your needs but you have to spend more money on a new, more powerful server. The unexpected can be expensive. Even the most thoughtful consultant or IT manager can get it wrong. IaaS gives you a buffer from the unexpected by allowing you to scale a server hundreds of times over with the click of a mouse.

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Put the Cloud to Work

Putting the Cloud Computing Puzzle Together

While I have outlined and explained the Cloud Computing Services to you as independent entities which can benefit your business, the real potential lies in the fact that all of these services can interact with each other in new and interesting ways. Cloud computing is the interaction of these services. The way you can take an IaaS and build it into an enterprise solution with integrated SaaS for less than the price of a Standard Microsoft Office license. What we as Cloud Computing Consultants try to do is find the recipe that will take your business to the next level, all while keeping the most money in your pocket at the end of the day. Cloud computing is a new state of mind; we are learning and strive to keep up with the potential in order to present it to our clients..

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We are ahead of the curve and we work hard to stay there. Technology is evolving rapidly and investing money in what was state of the art 5 years ago is not a good business investment. Unfortunately, this is what you get with many consulting firms. We offer state of the art solutions that translate into prodigious returns for our clients in annual IT cost, cost of ownership, and overall productivity.  We provide leading Cloud Computing New York.

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