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At NYC-Software Solutions we provide industry leading support for Lexis Nexis(c) Time Matters, PC Law, and Billing Matters for firms of all sizes. We simply feel that we offer the highest caliber services available on the market.  Why ? Because we offer custom software know-how with real world experience that gets result and offers a prodigious return on investment for our clients.  Whether you’re thinking of upgrading your Practice Management to the new Time Matters 11 release or training your staff to maximize your utilization of your current Time Matters install we can get it done for you.   You will never hear the statement “it’s not possible” from any of our staff.  Our focus on technology means that nothing is impossible.  We offer one-off reporting, backend scripting, custom work chains, triggers, calendaring, and billable Time Tracking options to our clients.

Time Matters Database

Time Matters SQL Database Backend

Time Matters Database – What’s Changed ?

As of the Time Matters 10 release, Time Matters operates exclusively on a Microsoft SQL Server Backend, end of story. Microsoft SQL Server is complex, in fact so much so that there is an entire field of Information Technology dedicated to management of it (Database Administration). The reality of the situation boils down to the fact that your run of the mill Legal Technology Consultant is not a Database Administrator, and has no interest in becoming one – they’re trying to clock billable hours just like you ; ). At NYC –Software Solutions we offer Master Level SQL Server and Database knowledge that we leverage to get what you need done.

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Technology is not a luxury anymore. Unfortunately many firms are forced to call a technology consultant as an absolute last resort due to outrageous hourly rates. This can result in a business that does not utilize technology. On the contrary, often their technology is kept to a bare minimum to reduce costs. We recognize this, and while our services are unmatched in quality, we offer very competitive hourly rates.
Why do we do this ? We don’t want our clients to be afraid to call us. We want to help your firm grow and maximize your technology efficiency to facilitate that. If you’re trying to push out the door as quickly as possible to keep the bill down that does not facilitate the kind of relationship we try to nurture.

We are offering a spring discount special of 25% off our first 50 hours to new customers. Contact us today to take your practice management to the next level.

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