What are Powerviews ?

Power Views for Time Matters

Example of a Standard Power View

Power views are arguably one of the most customizable and powerful features in the Time Matters(TM)(c) practice management suite. Unfortunately, more often than not they are one of the least utilized features of the program. Power views are essentially HTML markup, the same thing you see when looking at web browser, like this one. To see this simply right click on any power view and select view source. The power views reside in a HTML browser built in to the program that complements any selected record for a view that contains a list. Because power views require a background knowledge of HTML and other programming languages, they are rarely utilized to their full potential.

Why use Power Views ?

Power views give you an avenue to add custom programming to your firm’s software that would otherwise not be possible within the TM suite itself. This delivers you the flexibility to solve problems that you may not have been able to tackle using standard program features, without making drastic changes to your general work flow. Utilization of power views can be the difference between software that lets you quickly accomplish difficult tasks and software that has your employees pulling their hair out. Power views also let you get work done quicker and more accurately. At the end of the day isn’t this the purpose of practice management software ?

Time Matters Power View Example

Example of Website Embedded in Power View


How do you Set up Power Views ?

To create meaningful Power views requires at the very least an understanding of HTML (hyper text markup language). To get the most out of Power View functionality you really need to have an understanding of java scripting, Vb, or C# browser programming. This will allow the end user to quickly view or change data without even opening the matters record. At the extreme you can embed a custom browser based program into Time Matters to provide custom functionality to your practice matters.

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David Wetherell